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Food Ordering System

Take unlimited orders from your website, Facebook page, Instagram or mobile app.

Searching for an online food ordering system with table reservations, pick-up, and delivery software?

Say No More! We’ve got you covered. ​

Our online food ordering and delivery system centralize all pick-up, delivery & dine-in orders, so you can easily be in full control of your business.

Take unlimited orders from your website, Facebook page or mobile app.


Who said that online ordering has to be complicated?


With our food ordering system, you can set up an account & start taking online orders within minutes, straight from your: ​


Facebook page

Mobile app


It’s easy to boost your profits & save on food portal commission fees when you rely on a powerful ordering system.

Accept incoming orders on the fly. From any smartphone or tablet. ​


Download our free restaurant order taking app on your own smartphone & confirm orders in one tap of the screen. ​


Experience how great it is to have order taking at your fingertips.

Attract more customers with Table reservations & Order Ahead. ​


Fill in more empty seats with the promise of:​

- Skipping the waiting times

- Having their favourite foods being ready to be served upon their arrival

Expand your Online Business with a Restaurant Delivery Software. 


Follow these 3 simple steps: ​


1) Create an account & fill in your restaurant profile

2) Enable delivery & draw your own delivery zones

3) Go to “Other” & choose the restaurant delivery integration that best fits your needs

Your drivers are happier and more efficient when they have the right information at their fingertips: ​


- Pickup and delivery addresses

- Order details

- Delivery queue

- Delivery confirmation

- Maps and navigation

- Contact numbers and delivery instructions

- Proof of delivery (picture and signature)

- Delivery notes

- Geo-fencing for accurate order status ​


Our delivery workflow is easy and the paperwork is paper-less.

Data Analytics

Learn about your customers and

use the insights to engage efficiently with them.

Data Analytics for Restaurants.jpg

The data's extremely important information for the restaurant, regarding the customers or its competitors. Focusing on the consumer, this data is personal information of the target audience and serves to develop sales strategies, communication aimed at building branding, or any other objective that your restaurant has in matters of digital marketing. These data need to be collected before a good analysis, of course, you need a solid and quantitative database to be able to compile and make a satisfactory analysis.

If data is the new gold mine of the twenty-first century, good data analysis is equivalent to dozens of diamond mines. Bearing in mind that data analysis is extremely crucial to determine the future of your restaurant, it is necessary to have a good BI team and strategic planning intelligence to trace the next actions of your business and marketing strategy, even its future releases.


Complete and efficient data analysis tends to be increasingly effective for each and every market. So investing in good analysts is crucial for the business intelligence department. Playing with information is not an easy task, but it is important to understand how to collect data and thus prevent possible threats or even be prepared for potential opportunities.

As the advantages of a good data analysis, it is to prepare to trace the paths according to the information collected by landing pages or other forms of lead capture.

Business Intelligence for
Data Analysis for Restaurant.jpg
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