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5 Trends for Restaurants in 2022

Few analysts could have predicted what would happen in 2020. Changes that have transformed all markets, force thousands of entrepreneurs to rethink the business and the way they relate to customers. With everything that happened in the last year, the projections for 2022 for the restaurant and delivery sector changed focus.

Check out the list below of the main trends for the bar and restaurant market for the year 2022:

Consolidation of Delivery and Take Away

Providing customers with ways to consume the dishes of their favourite restaurants through delivery or take-away has become a way for establishments to continue selling.

Many restaurants that served exclusively in-person needed to learn and adopt this new form of business. And in 2022, the expectation is that delivery and take-away will not lose their importance. What was once a differential is now a necessity.

Delivery and Take Away must be well planned, imagining the entire customer experience when consuming the product. The packaging needs to maintain the temperature of the food, the look needs to be right, as well as the flavour. In addition, your team needs to be trained to perform a remote service, solving possible problems that may occur during this process.

Digital and Online Presence

With all the technological innovations applied to the food service sector, it has become a necessity for restaurants, as well as offering good dishes or fair prices.

Social networks go beyond the place to advertise your business, but serve as a space to create and cultivate relationships with customers. Whether to answer questions and complaints, offer discounts or communicate about a new product.

In addition, technology has brought solutions that facilitate business, such as Menu Online. It facilitates the choice of products, optimizes your team's service time and increases the average ticket of orders, since the customer can choose side dishes, desserts or drinks on his own.

For the moment when customers return to the restaurant lounges, there is the Digital Menu, a QRCode that allows access to the menu via cell phone and that replaces the traditional printed menu. In addition to the security issue, service is streamlined, as it is not necessary for a waiter to take orders.

Security protocols

We will not suddenly forget all the precautions imposed by the pandemic. And this will be felt for years to come, with the care that did not exist before. All these protocols adopted during 2020 made people more demanding about safety and health care.

Keeping the environment clean and safe will be critical to winning and keeping customers. Betting on a welcoming, happy, beautiful environment can also be differentials to attract more audiences. Creating a pleasant and safe experience is a good bet for 2022.

Comfort Food

Restaurants with more sophisticated and haute cuisine dishes lost space during 2020. Many famous and starred chefs closed their doors or changed their strategies.

This change gave way to the so-called first-rate Comfort Food, which is nothing more than homemade food with a special touch. It's that kind of homemade food from the mother's house, which recalls childhood and the most delicious things in life.

Dark Kitchen

Last, but not least, is the so-called dark kitchen (also known as ghost kitchen). They are spaces created and optimized to exclusively offer takeaway food.

These spaces do not have a lounge to serve customers and generally serve via delivery application services. A group of restaurants can operate in the same space on a shared basis, further optimizing the space.

The COVID-19 pandemic made us rethink the market and the traditional way of operating. It forced businesses to innovate and look for solutions to continue existing.

People need to eat and look for experiences that satisfy that craving. Restaurant owners need to be prepared for the trends pointed out by experts, but also attentive to market movements.

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