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Answering to LOCKDOWN with creativity

It seems that overnight, the entire hospitality industry has been turned on its head. Bars, restaurants, and cafes are closed, open only for takeaway and with few able to open for outside eating (after all, we are in Ireland, not in Spain).

As suggested by the Irish government, the use of delivery services is a creative way to continue to function and maintain the employment of professionals and their businesses.

Therefore, for many establishments that were already used to serving delivery and takeaway to customers, this transition may be less painful. Bars, restaurants, and cafes that did not see delivery as a good service option, now need to make the transition as soon as possible.

It is a consensus that delivery is the main and only option at this stage. Therefore, it is time to focus efforts on offering a quality delivery service.


Even if delivery, by itself, does not solve the financial losses that the restaurants will face, at least it will minimize the losses and generate a new source of income for when we return to normal.

Government measures will arrive, but with a time lag. In the meantime, the important thing is to keep the clientele, prepare to fulfil delivery orders, and survive this crisis.

Ensuring cash flow is important and creativity will have to be put into practice.

Expand your delivery concept

1. Platforms - When we talk about delivery, the first idea that comes is the delivery of ready meals by applications.

The tip is not to limit yourself exclusively to delivery via marketplaces, like Deliveroo, Just Eat, or Uber Eats. In times of survival, your own website, and social media (Instagram and Facebook) can also be a channel to receive your customers.

WhatsApp is also a modern and digital channel, with great support from the population.

2. Business lunch - Delivery will have great growth, but competition in delivery will also increase. So, innovation is needed to meet this competition head-on.

Consider being a lunch provider for businesses around your area. Many companies do not have an industrial kitchen and, to avoid putting employees to eat on the street, providing lunch through delivery is an excellent alternative.

In lockdown times, where the movement of people on the streets is undesirable, it will be a good deal for companies to keep their employees more protected at lunch.

3. Meal kits or combos - Have you ever imagined offering meal kits for the customer to store at home? Provide options in which the customer buys several meals and not just the one for immediate consumption.

"Cook & Chill" it's a strategy that helps to increase the average order ticket. On the other hand, it brings an advantage to the consumer, allowing them to buy meals for later consumption, with only one contact with the delivery person, and only paying for the delivery fee once.

4. Partnership with supermarkets -The partnership with food retail is also a good option too, given that the sector will not have a big drop.

Offer ready-made dishes, desserts, bread, antipasti, sauces, all of which can be sold in the rotisserie sector of supermarkets.

Customer experience

Do you know all those concepts about consumer experience that were applicable in the recent past? Well, they don't apply for the moment.

And all those variables, like a pleasant atmosphere, attentive waiters, and so on? They are no longer valid!

Forget about how was this experience - it is no longer the environment, the service, the enchantment. Now it's remote, delivery, take-out, online.

What exists now is an unusual situation. We must think that the consumption experience will happen all in the digital space and delivery, with three pillars:

  1. Friction: If you don't remove the barriers of purchasing with your restaurant online, customers will look for an easier food provider.

  2. Security: consumers need to feel safe;

  3. Cost-effective: if the customer understands that buying from you is not worth, he will buy from your competitor.

The hierarchy for delivery success

Delivery success depends on many variables. In times of crisis, more than ever, we need to focus on what really matters.

Free delivery or Low Delivery Fees: it is the predominant factor that interferes with the customer's decision about who to buy from;

Product category: if the food is Japanese, Italian, or casual. It is important to pay close attention when classifying your product category so that it reaches the target consumer;

Price and discount: both must be well-positioned;

Consumer evaluation (Online Reviews): important and relevant question that interferes with the purchase decision.

In order to help and somehow increase the chances of success in your delivery, these practical tips can make all the difference.

If you need help to implement an effective delivery strategy and want to get a food ordering system with a 0% commission fee lifetime, we are here to help, contact us at: or +353 83 830 5944


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