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How to create a menu in Google My Business

Google's new tool is ideal for restaurant owners who want to have a presence in the largest online search engine in the world. Find out what you need to do to get your menu on the company's homepage.

Customers can now directly see the options available in the restaurant through a quick Google search. Another option to appear in the search engine is to create a web page for the restaurant with the menu and information about the business. After all, those who are not seen are not remembered, are they?

And that's why we've prepared this article with everything you need to know about how to make your bar or restaurant appear on Google and reach more and more potential customers. To find out how to do this, just keep reading.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a feature launched to help new entrepreneurs to advertise their establishments on the pages of the largest search engine in the world.

From the search by location, customers can view information about the restaurant, such as opening hours, reviews, photos and even menu items, a feature now available with the new modality.

How to add your menu to Google My Business?

To add photos, information and descriptions of your restaurant's menu to the tool, simply search for the company name and claim ownership. After all, your restaurant must already exist there, due to the ratings and responses of the platform's local guides.

Creating an account

But if it doesn't already exist, you must log in to Google My Business if you already have a Google account and type your business name in the search bar.

If there is no option with the name and address of your business in the search, the search engine will offer the option of creating a company with that name.

In the next step, you choose the category of your business, such as a hamburger, oriental restaurant, pizzeria, bar or pub and the like. Choose the main category and don't worry: you can add secondary categories later, such as delivery or bar if your business also has these options.

The next step is to indicate your business' area of ​​expertise. Therefore, enter the location of your business even if it is just delivery, as Google can show results by the proximity of those who search as well.

Finally, you can add a website and phone, a great option for those who use WhatsApp, have their website or even a social network for the restaurant.

To finalize your business recognition process, Google offers two options for the confirmation phase: via a postcard to be mailed or via a video call with the Google My Business team.

If my business is already in Google's database

Likewise, it is necessary to follow the standards of the confirmation phase, just click on the option "Claim this company" when searching for your business name and follow the steps indicated by Google to confirm your identity.

When you identify yourself as the owner of the enterprise, it is possible to edit, change or delete erroneous information posted by third parties. In addition, you can also register a menu in the tool in a very simple way:

Sign in to Google My Business corresponding to the location you want to edit.

  • Open the menu on the left and select the “Menu” option.

  • Now you can edit or add items to the menu.

  • Enter the dish information and save your changes.

  • You can also delete an item by clicking the three dots icon next to it and then clicking “delete”.

The function to add the menu section is also available and just choose the option “Add menu section”. In other words, it is very simple to create a menu directly from Google My Business, as well as change it if necessary in the future.

By the way, a feature also presented by the platform is the availability of a menu created by third parties, which can also be shown on your company's page - and replaced in the future by a Google My Business menu if you want.

How should the digital menu be prepared?

There are several digital menu templates out there, but the one that will be published on the internet should be in PDF format - as a text file - or PNG - as a better quality image file.

In general, the online menu must contain photos, information about the dishes and values.

Make sure you don't overdo the colours and don't leave the menu too polluted. The more direct you are on the menu, the greater the chance of keeping the audience's attention longer.

If you want to improve even more your strategies and build a strong digital presence, talk to one of our consultants!


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