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How to decorate a restaurant uniquely

Design in bars and restaurants is essential to welcoming a customer, even though it can often be overlooked by restaurant owners. What can we say about this? It's no use spending all your time preparing a special and innovative menu just to have customers leave because they didn't have a suitable waiting environment, or because it's a very noisy place.

Layout functionality for bars and restaurants is just as important as the aesthetic itself, so you also need the restaurant design to be comfortable for staff as well. And how are you going to guarantee that? Well, here are some tips on what interior designers think is significant and what restaurant owners regularly forget when deciding on layout and decor.

Space flow

As mentioned above, the restaurant's functionality to employees is just as critical as the customer's impression of the dining experience within your restaurant. Of course, first, you'll have to think about how to set up the restaurant so that there's enough space for everything you require.

And, depending on the type of restaurant you have, there is also space for a bar counter. From there, be aware of the warning signs that are often ignored when assembling a layout for bars and restaurants:

  • Don't make the flow to the kitchen easy and accessible to waiters

  • Do not make the customer's first vision of an attractive and inviting interior

  • Not prioritizing the need to sanitize everything, from floor to ceiling

  • Having a lot of mess and excessive decoration

Treat all senses equally

This may seem odd at first glance, but what we mean by treating all the senses equally is that it's not just the look and taste that count for the dining out experience. The smells and sounds are also part of what makes a restaurant experience good or tragic.

That said, in addition to thinking about how to decorate a restaurant, you should learn ways to make the environment pleasant as well. For example, using ambient music at a volume that is sufficient to be able to identify the music, but not so loud that it interferes with customers who want to chat.

Embrace the power of social media

Virtually every customer who walks into your restaurant these days will take a picture at some point, whether it's a selfie or a picture of the dish. Especially if they are young consumers. So it is important that the decoration for restaurants that you are going to provide is thought through this issue as well.

By that, we mean that: the walls can't have a LOT of information, but at the same time, it's interesting that you have photos and artwork that decorate according to the theme of your restaurant. If you don't have a very well-defined theme, you can use photos that tell the story of the city or neighbourhood where your restaurant is located, for example. Or if your restaurant already has some good years of history, use photos that tell the history of the restaurant itself!

Small details count

So you've come this far and nailed the aesthetics, flow, and acoustics of the restaurant's design. Is there anything else that can be done to make the customer experience even better? Glad you asked because yes! In addition to everything already mentioned, the layout for bars and restaurants also needs to be thought of from small details. Such as:

  • An extra area to store items that customers don't want to be held at the table

  • Cellular outlets next to tables and counters (which are enough to cover even large events)

  • Coat hooks at the entrance and hooks under tables and counters for bags and backpacks

  • Clean spaces in bathrooms (mostly female) to support and hang bags and coats

And if you want to make the most of all these tips, building a strong digital presence, contact Eat and Repeat and see how our experts can help your business take off!

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