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Increase Your Sales and Pay Less with your own delivery platform

Eat & Repeat can help you expand your restaurant online with your own food ordering platform. The habit of ordering meals in apps is increasingly part of our routine, and restaurant owners need to invest in their own apps to add value to their business.

With digital marketing for restaurants done right, you can accept orders on your own website, Instagram, Facebook or in a customised mobile app. It is essential that owners keep looking for new marketing strategies and ideas that add value and provide more comfort to their customers.

Using your own platform will provide your customers with the ability to order and reserve tables more easily as well as enabling you to anticipate their orders for a safe and fast experience whenever they want it. This will allow you to fill more seats while ignoring waiting times. Through the digital menu, customers will arrive at the restaurant and have their favourite meals ready to be served.

Any restaurant can have its own platform, without surprises, you just have to find the right support. Imagine your restaurant not only depending on existing shared platforms to serve customers who are at home?

Most food businesses, when thinking about online food ordering strategy, look for marketplaces like Uber Eats, Deliveroo, Just Eat. At first glance, they may look a great deal, but that's not the complete truth. These marketplaces of food ordering charge enormous fees for each sale made, while leaving your restaurant in a shark tank with a fiercely competitive environment, where you can't personalize marketing and can't control your customer database, in fact, you barely know who your customers are.

There are some advantages of using these marketplaces, but the strategies are complex and of course, include having your own online food ordering system so you can capture their customers to your own platform. For a better understanding of these strategies, get in touch with our specialists and arrange free consulting to get some valuable advice.

If you only have your delivery and takeaway services on commission based platforms you definitely are decreasing the profit margin of your restaurant, while overloading your staffs, forcing you to increase the prices of your dishes so you don't get hurt. When the restaurant has its own app with a 0% sales commission, the profit is higher and the customers pay less for more, both sides win. You can learn more about this service here on the Eat & Repeat website.

This means that your restaurant can offer more competitive prices to customers, while in control of your marketing and customer database for re-marketing campaigns and special offers. It will be easier to increase your profits with a powerful ordering system!

Finally, having your own app downloaded into your customers smart phone, allows them contact with your brand/logo of your establishment every time they use their mobile devices, also you have the power to send them personalised push notifications straight to their phone.

Did you like these ideas? Eat & Repeat has some of the best and most innovative digital marketing ideas to help restaurants in Dublin to grow and change. To find out more about how we can help you and your business succeed click here.

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