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The best ways to innovate in your restaurant

Presenting something new and interesting in a restaurant can be a challenge. With so many establishments of this type on the market, competition can make it seem like it's hard to stay creative. Still, innovative restaurant ideas continue to emerge, with a little practice, and often it comes with the help of technology.

The best way to know what to look for and where to invest, for ideas to succeed, is to understand what the customer is looking for in your establishment. Through the public that frequents the place and some satisfaction surveys, it is possible to have a basic idea of ​​what your restaurant needs. Check out some options to consider below.

1. Different menu

Technology dominates the world these days, and people love it. Therefore, investing in some technological factors, such as the digital menu on the tablet or the self-service totem, are viable options.

It is also interesting to provide an online menu, through a website, blog or app, so that the customer already knows what to expect and has an idea of ​​what they will consume when they arrive at your establishment.

In addition, a creative menu needs to get away from the sameness of presenting just name, ingredients, price and photo. Try to bring something unique by thinking of creative titles for the dishes, as well as descriptions that arouse the customer's food craving and take the focus off prices.

2. Custom environment construction

To look for different ideas and make your restaurant a more attractive place for consumers, standing out from the competition, you can try looking for ideas in innovative restaurants around the world, as we mentioned above.

After all, each country has its own culture and the owners of establishments in the food business outside the home try different things to make their business unique. If you do a quick search, you'll notice that many restaurants go the thematic way, by building a personalized environment - which in itself is a nice tip.

3. Online service

This alternative is also closely related to technology and can go hand in hand with the offer of a menu made available through websites, blogs or applications. In other words, instead of just presenting the possible options, you can work with customer service via digital means.

Social networks can also help in this type of sale, by being used as a channel for this.

Nowadays, many people search for establishments on Facebook or Instagram, so it is important that the restaurant keeps these networks active and that there is always someone connected, taking care to answer any questions from customers who come in contact there.

In addition to solving all doubts, it is possible to provide some services for booking tables and delivering discount coupons, for example.

Providing delivery through social networks can be a little more difficult, but with a good organization and exclusive attendants, it can work!

4. Presentation of dishes and drinks

How the dishes and drinks are presented to customers also makes a difference when it comes to attracting consumers into the place. Using fancy or elegant decorations, depending on the style of the restaurant, can be a great differentiator for ideas to innovate the restaurant.

We can also think of a structure of the establishment to set up shop windows with replicas (which can be done with wax or 3D prints, for example), of some presentations of complete meals, with a well-decorated plate and a special drink, to draw more attention, in the uniqueness that is being offered.

5. Different night

Now that you are realizing the different ways to innovate a restaurant, you can perhaps think of some more classic ideas that were never done in your establishment, like happy hours or game nights, for example.

Creating a trivia-style game night (general knowledge) can be a good way to draw groups of customers into the restaurant who can compete with each other - and win some special portion of the house dish.

7. Food delivery mats

Meal delivery mats are already quite popular in Japanese restaurants around the world. But why not adapt your business to them? They can be great for services that need to be delivered right out of the kitchen (for example, fried food or cold salads).

They're also a great restaurant innovation that's sure to make customers shower your store with praise. Especially on very busy nights, when, perhaps, the waiters cannot manage to answer all the tables and deliver the food quickly. These treadmills can serve to save your movement, generating profits!

We hope these tips have helped you get an idea of ​​how to further differentiate yourself from your competitors. If you enjoyed this content, we think you might also enjoy Outdoor Dining: 5 practices that will make you outstanding in your market niche.

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