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4 steps to make an app for your restaurant

Knowing how to make a restaurant app is a complex task. Many people give up on having a digital platform for various reasons: additional costs, hiring teams or simply lack of knowledge about the subject.

This is a huge problem, as restaurants need a quality app, especially those that have delivery services. That's why today we will help you.

Our team specializes in planning delivery platforms, and we can make your customer's experience unique.

Stay tuned for our interactive guide and ask all your questions!

1) Plan before making an app

Understanding how to create an app is a lot about dedication and planning. It's no use wanting to run to the production part without at least a little guide to locating you.

If you choose the shortest route, you could end up suffering the consequences of a poorly organized project. That's why the project mentalization stage is our starting point.

Okay, you already understand that this type of activity needs organization. But where to start? This doubt is common and we can get rid of it quickly.

For this, we have separated a list of topics that should be studied. Let's meet them?

  • Marketplace: The marketplace is the core of your app development. You need to understand everything about the audience and the possibilities for working with consumers. To get started, do the basics and research more about the client's age, residence, gender, and interests.

  • Strengths: The strengths of your restaurant can be summarized in what the company has as a differential. Any services that you can offer that your competition cannot be considered.

  • Weaknesses: Weaknesses can be summarized in the opposite of the previous topic. Anything you need to improve, that you don't master, or that is too similar to the competitor is a weakness.

  • Areas of expertise: getting out of this atmosphere of strength and weakness a bit, you should explore the delivery areas of expertise. You probably have a priority delivery location. Now, just understand how we can use this on the platform.

Activities like making an app can seem like a lot of work, but a little planning makes everything easier. Just explore the topics above and you won't have any big problems!

2) List the devices

It's important to understand that your system must be comprehensive. You can't dedicate yourself to a single type of smartphone and let the public that uses other products at hand.

Therefore, to start organizing your demands, you must understand more about device possibilities. We can help you know how to make an app for each device with our list below. Here are the main interfaces on the market:

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Web template (extra)

Note that the web template is extra on our list. You will need a website that runs on computers for your delivery, right? If the customer wants to open the mobile internet interface, there must also be this option. That's what she exists for!

3) Select a good team

You already understand more about planning, and you already know how to create applications in theory. What's the next step? That's when things start to take shape.

It's time to produce. But, for that, you will need a capable team. You can't produce an application by yourself, without the help of programming professionals. On the other hand, it is also impossible to create a good app with an expensive and large team.

To get started, you'll need a good programmer. If your team doesn't have one, try hiring companies that have good programmers (such as Eat&Repeat).

You should still have a team of digital media, those professionals who will give the site a better face. Generally, communication workers can help you.

See how creating an app doesn't need so many people? It's all about balance: the ideal team to do whatever is asked.

4) Test your app

We're almost at the end of our guide on how to create an app. Only one small step is missing, which is essential for getting results. It's the interface testing stage, which will help you know if everything went as planned.

Once the project is complete, you can ask someone to test an order. It could be someone outside the restaurant, or it could be an employee.

You just have to be careful to choose someone interested. The person should be able to give you full feedback, taking into account the demand.

That's why testing with someone on the team might work better. The professional will know what to expect from the platform and can flag some errors and possible improvements.

So, you already know how to make an application without a headache? What did you think of our guide? Leave your comment below!

You want to develop an app for your restaurant, contact the specialists from Eat&Repeat Agency! We are experts in app development and many establishments already trust our work!


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