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the power of social media for restaurants

After a quick search on Instagram, Eat & Repeat found 420 million publications referring to #food and 44.4 million referring to #drinks, which proves that these are subjects that yield many posts and photos on social networks. A great opportunity to give visibility to bars and restaurants. If you want to put your establishment on the public route, you have to be aware of digital marketing for restaurants in Dublin.

Social media, like Instagram and also Facebook, are a powerful tool for potential customers who are looking for news. Enticing them to either go to your establishment or order takeaway after seeing photos and comments about the establishment.

Advertising costs can vary, depending on the possibility of payment for each one. In addition, it is possible to use social networks to get to know your audience better, and through tags and comments improve what they think of your restaurant. With a good management of social networks for result it is possible to connect with the client and understand what he wants. Eat & Repeat will give you an online and offline appetizer to attract new customers.

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Social Media Marketing Ideas for Restaurants

Use original images

It is very easy to search for photos of food on Google or even on stock image websites. But these photos can alienate customers, as it is obvious that they are not real photos of your restaurant.

Bet on original photos, which enhance the restaurant's dishes and drinks! Learn how to produce these images in simple ways, they don't have to be elaborate photos. It is important that the restaurant has a digital menu and has an online food system, and like social networks, they must be fed with real and very inviting photos.

Know your audience

Creating a persona of your target audience and meaning with whom you want to chat is essential for you not to end up talking to yourself on social networks. Know the interests, tastes and characteristics of the people who frequent your establishment, this is valuable information for the management of social networks and will guide your content and the language you use.

Have an “Instagramable” environment

This is an offline tip, but it has a very big effect in the digital world. Observe the atmosphere of your restaurant, and see if it looks good in a photo. This is the idea in the concept of an “Instagramable” environment, which looks good on photos for Instagram. The lighting must be good, the decoration environment, with environments that stimulate photography. Even the presentation of the dishes must be taken into account.

The more people take pictures of the restaurant and post them on their social networks, the more visibility you will have, and the more customers you will attract. This may seem superficial, but it could be the reinvention of "word of mouth" marketing.

The restaurant in the palm of your hands

Society is constantly evolving, and nowadays most of the activities have been solved on the cell phone, where you are probably reading this article.

Public Transport, banks, entertainment and restaurants have applications with online ordering systems, where you have access to a digital menu, where you can place your order and even pay. One option that can help restaurants even more is to look for a food ordering system with 0% commission.

All of these are implemented in digital marketing for restaurants, but one detail can never go unnoticed: their service, the quality of the dishes and their employees must follow a strict quality standard. It is no use having a good social network, and new customers, if you don't give them an incredible experience.

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