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Online marketing strategies for restaurants: what you have to know

At this point, you already know that technology is the future of every profession or business in the world, right? Because of that, if you have a food business, you must invest in online marketing strategies for restaurants.

Right now, you may think, “on the internet, I will have so much competition, I don’t think it is worth it”. About the competition, you are right, online you will be side by side with the biggest restaurants in the world. But that also means one thing: the opportunities are endless.

If you have a good website and the best SEO strategies, you can position yourself as the best of the best, scaling your business and becoming a reference on your market. For that, we will give you right now the best tips for online marketing strategies for restaurants. Let’s go!

1. Prepare the delivery process

Before taking several actions to attract customers for your delivery, it is essential to structure your delivery process. Because if users do not have a good experience with it, they will hardly buy again and will not recommend your establishment to other people. And building customer loyalty should always be a clear objective of the company.

2. Include the service on the business website

Now that your process is well-prepared, you should invest in marketing strategies for delivery, starting with the inclusion of information about the service on your website, investing in digital marketing strategies for restaurants at the same time.

The ideal is to have the delivery data in a very visible way, with a menu tab dedicated to it and calls to action on other pages. In addition, put a phone number, company application, and opening hours.

3. Develop graphic materials

Another relevant suggestion is to use graphic materials, such as folders, leaflets, and menus, to publicize and encourage the use of the delivery. For this, in all deliveries, you can include a menu of the products offered and pamphlets, publicizing the services and delivery options.

In addition, these materials can be distributed at the establishment itself, at the customers' desks, or the reception. A pamphlet strategy in the delivery region can also be used when the company starts offering the service.

4. Customize the couriers

Your couriers can also be part of the marketing strategy for delivery. In addition to being trained to serve the customer with politeness and kindness, they can be prepared with stickers on their uniforms and work material, featuring the company logo, telephone, and even attractive images of the dishes sold.

5. Use paid media

Another important point on the internet is paid advertisements. Flexible in content and investment, the use of paid media is a strategy that more and more restaurants use to attract customers.

Create Facebook campaigns and use the sponsored links in Google Ads to gain users for your delivery. The ideal is to test different keywords, images, and content to find the best ways to sell more through these channels.

Social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, make it possible to create advertisements by geolocation. Thus, you can determine the coverage areas of a paid post, so that it is viewed by people who are on the site.

In this sense, it is relevant to mention that many companies hire specialized agencies to take care of this strategy since it requires time, dedication, and good knowledge to achieve success.

6. Create a loyalty plan

Another interesting strategy to encourage a recurrence of the purchase at delivery is the creation of a loyalty program, such as a customer registration or a points card, in which the user, after placing an X number of orders, receives a gift from the establishment.

If you have a pizzeria, for example, you can offer a free pizza after purchasing 10 units. When the establishment works with low-profit margins, one way out is to increase the number of orders or limit the flavour options, offering the simplest ones.

7. Use professional photos

Something that should be included in your marketing strategy for delivery is the use of professional photos of the dishes and the establishment. In many of our tips, we talk about tactics that involve visual dissemination, so it is essential to have quality images that attract the public.

8. Scarcity marketing

Whether it's a limited-time offer or a seasonal promotion, scarcity marketing gives potential customers a sense of urgency to purchase your product. There are several ways to use scarcity marketing. The use of coupons can increase sales. Likewise, you can introduce time in your online purchases, showing the user that he has a set time to make a reservation or enter a waiting list.

We hope that this article helped you have insights into your restaurant. Shared this content and leave your heart if you liked it!


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