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The best restaurant advertisement tips and how they can help your food business

Through effective advertisements for your establishment, you can attract and retain customers, getting ahead of the competition and taking your business seriously, increasing revenue.

For an advertisement to be effective, it must first and foremost be honest. It's what you sell that should be spread around. Security when offering your product and service is its differential. A business, whether it is a restaurant or not, does not work in parts: everything is interconnected. The financial, the service, the team, the operation, the logistics.

Understanding and improving processes is essential for your restaurant's marketing to be effective, both to attract customers and to retain them and make them promoters of your business.

When we think of today's consumer audience, we need to keep in mind that the experience is what's selling the most. That said, let's go to our restaurant advertisement tips.

Creativity: the essential element for a good restaurant advertisement

Creativity is the driving force of innovation: all advances in our society happened through creative thinking, from people who sought a new solution to an old problem and, thus, managed to make society evolve.

Surely you are capable of it. Creativity is not a gift or enlightenment for the privileged few. It's the ability to perceive things differently, to find new patterns, to make connections that no one else thought of making before.

Tips to create a spectacular restaurant advertisement

Have you ever noticed how many activities you perform on “autopilot” every day? This adaptation happens because thinking requires energy, and the brain is programmed to save as much energy as possible. In this sense, being creative takes effort.

To deconstruct neuronal patterns, we first need to challenge our habits: if you always read the same types of content, frequent the same places, listen to the same music and watch the same TV shows, you won't gain any new benchmarks for different thoughts. Discomfort in the face of the unknown is normal and positive!

1- Questioning the obvious in everyday life

To reach new ideas, it is necessary to ask questions. The very origin of creativity comes from a question, which is: how to do this differently?

To surprise you, you need to see what no one else is seeing. Think of a common scene from your daily life and problematize the situation as much as you can to find new interpretations.

2- Mixing universes that apparently don't mix

It is the famous “what if?” question, which leads us to imagine unusual situations. Creative people are usually good at connecting dots, that is, finding relationships between themes from different universes, finding answers to theme A within universe B, and thus mixing universes until finding a way out of a problem.

By bringing together two elements that we've never seen related, you can achieve great success. Sometimes the best advertising for restaurants may be in a product that speaks for itself, not an advertisement.

3- Search for abstract messages for concrete products

Observing and describing the concrete is easy: it is difficult to attribute words to the abstract. Food brings with it many subjective emotional associations: affection, satisfaction, friendship, family, socialization, relief, etc. They can be perfectly exploited in restaurant advertising, seeking to hook customers by the heart—in addition to the stomach, of course.

4- Search for references

To start stimulating your brain differently, search for restaurant advertisements and select the ones that catch your attention the most. You don't need to stay in Brazil: look for examples abroad, which always offer very good inspirations.

Try to understand what exactly attracted you and use this discovery to your advantage. This does not mean that the idea will be copied completely, as this could compromise your reputation. What is at stake is the ability to identify and think in different associations.

5- Create mindmaps

The mindmap is one of the best ways to put our thoughts on paper in a visual way, offering more freedom and possibilities than simply jotting down ideas line by line on paper.

The principle of this technique is that the brain does not work linearly: therefore, the idea is to organize the ideas into branches, as they appear, like the branches of a tree.

6- Ask yourself what the person you admire would do

This method is very good for those times when you've already drained all your energy and still can't think of anything interesting. If using your head isn't working, it's time for you to start thinking with other people's heads.

The last tip is as direct as possible. Stop thinking and just do it. As the words come out, new ideas come to mind, which helps to find the desired paths.

If you follow these recommendations, advertising for restaurants will be more impactful, and in addition to getting new customers, your brand's positioning in the market will be even stronger.

Did you like these tips? So share with your friends on your social media to inspire even more creativity out there!


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