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SEO for restaurants: how to drive more traffic to your website

SEO for restaurants is a strategy used so that your customer, when searching, has a question resolved or a demand answered by your restaurant's website, making your brand remembered at an opportune future time for purchase.

In Google's ranking will appear sites that meet two main factors: quality content and content with the keywords searched by the customer. Once your website is indexed, that is, recognized by the search engine and enters your “site library”, your restaurant is ready to rank in Google searches.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, a digital marketing nomenclature that can be translated as search engine optimization. Techniques of this type are fundamental for a website to increase its visibility and improve its positioning in search engines such as Google (which is the first in relevance among companies and users).

The responsibility for applying good SEO practices to a business website is in the hands of the administrator and the developer. The ideal is for the business to rely on the work of specialists in optimization strategies, to guarantee professional results for the digital marketing strategy.

With the optimizations carried out on a website, an enterprise can increase its traffic of visits and views and create authority on a certain theme and, thus, become a reference. In this way, in addition to gaining more recognition, the company expands its opportunities to generate leads, capture new customers and increase revenue.

The best positioning guaranteed by a well-applied SEO is essential for the organic traffic volume (that is, free of paid ads) to increase. Just to give you an idea of ​​how important this is, for some time now, Hubspot's 120 Awesome Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs publication revealed that in 2010, 75% of Google users did not go beyond the first page. So imagine how you are today? SEO is the watchword.

Why is it important to have a website for your restaurant?

The advantages of having a website are numerous, starting with the possibility of working SEO for restaurants and increasing your visibility and sales with an active presence on the internet. There are other benefits:

  • It is a 24-hour shop window for your restaurant;

  • Increases the visibility of your business. For example, a person from another region may find your website, be enchanted and visit your restaurant;

  • Establish online authority and increase the credibility;

  • Creates customer relationships through content and online service;

  • Increase your business orders through SEO for restaurants, recipe videos, ads, etc;

  • To create a website for restaurants, you can use WordPress or Website Builder.

Targeting the top keywords

This is one of the most important factors to ensure a good ranking through SEO for restaurants. Keywords are the phrases and terms that customers use to do their searches, and your content must use them.

We can take as an example, a restaurant specializing in Japanese food. It can be found by several terms:

  • Japanese restaurant

  • Japanese restaurant + local city name

  • Japanese vegetarian carvery

  • Japanese restaurant + local neighbourhood name

  • Japanese restaurant delivery

  • Japanese food

  • Japanese restaurant delivery

In the examples cited, keywords (with two terms) and long-tail keywords were used, which are phrases with more than three words. It is important to understand this difference because in the second case, searches bring a more niche audience.

The variations of SEO keywords for restaurants are endless. For a good ranking, the ideal is to choose the most sought after by users on the internet. To select the best keywords for your texts, use some keyword research tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest or SEMrush.

Google My Business

If you have a website set up or a Gmail account for your restaurant, you may have the location registration in My Business. But it could be that it doesn't have it or that it isn't properly configured – or updated. The biggest search engine on the planet updates its platforms constantly, and there are some new features that are exclusive to restaurants.

Google Posts

Google Post is a posting mechanism similar to what is used by Facebook, but with the advantage of helping your restaurant to be found by Google. To create them, it is necessary to enter the Google My Business editor, and it is possible to publish an image with up to 300 words with calls to:

  • know more;

  • make your reservation;

  • sign up;

  • buy now;

  • get offer.

Quick URLs

A recent Google update allowed businesses to insert additional links to their website pages. While businesses, in general, can add the link to any page, restaurants can use this extension to create a link to the menu, order page or to make a reservation.

As you can imagine, these links help your customers quickly find the section that interests them most. In the Brazilian scenario, where 70% of navigation is done by cell phone and internet quality is terrible, how many customers do not give up on finding the information they need if it is a lengthy process?

If you want to start applying SEO for restaurants and expand your clientele, trust experts with years of industry experience and proven results. Talk to one of our consultants and find out more!

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