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The best social media content ideas for restaurants

The way to carry out the marketing of a company has changed since the arrival of the internet and not to surrender to this new form of disclosure, is to run the risk of being forgotten. Today, to find a good restaurant or bar, most people turn directly to online survey tools.

Evaluation sites and social networks are the first mechanisms to be explored by customers because, in addition to containing the opinion and suggestion of consumers who frequent or have already visited the place, it has images that present the environment, the dishes and the restaurant staff.

All of this means that you must know how to advertise a restaurant on the internet, providing useful, quality content that relies on the services offered. To help you, we have prepared some tips on how to organize posts for a restaurant's social media, strengthening the brand and increasing sales.

Ask relevant questions

If you want to win friends and influence people, expressing genuine interest in them is the key. On social media, you can do this by asking your audience for an opinion or comments on a topic relevant to your restaurant.

For example, you could ask something like, “What is the essential dish that you can't miss every week? Share it in the comments below! ”; instead of something more general, encourage sharing more objective and concrete information for greater engagement.

Remember holidays and important dates

If you’re staring at your computer screen for inspiration, take the time to check the desktop calendar. Are there any upcoming holidays or festive dates, such as Mother's Day or Father's Day? These are great opportunities to create timely content.

For Valentine's Day, for example, you could think of a “customer love” campaign to show your appreciation. This could be as simple as sharing an image of something your brand loves or posting any love or theme image.

Find popular hashtags on social media

As with holidays and special dates, watching daily hashtags for content ideas is another easy way to get inspiration. By understanding daily hashtags and the most appropriate way to use them, you can significantly increase a brand's engagement and visibility.

It’s worth scouring the post for something that may work best for your type of business.

Take your audience behind the scenes

The next time you're thinking about what you're going to post on your company's Instagram account, take a look at your restaurant. Is there something going on that might be of interest to your audience?

Even something as simple as a coworker's birthday celebration can offer an opportunity to showcase your work culture and create a deeper human connection with your brand.

Create contests and promotions

While this may require a little more planning and effort out of all content ideas that work, the rewards can be huge. Contests are a great way to connect with your audience and keep them engaged with your restaurant.

Before launching the contest, be sure to set clear goals, offer a desirable prize and provide guidance for participants.

Promote your customers

A good way to show appreciation to your followers, and to have exclusive content on hand, is by promoting customer profiles or sharing the story of loyal customers. On Twitter, it is something as simple as a Follow Friday where it is possible to include the mention next to the tweet.

On Instagram or Facebook, you can post videos, questions and answers or other interesting profiles of your customers. Find unique ways to present them and show the audience that you appreciate each one.

Share a weekly summary

If you're going through a week full of news, a great way to maintain an active presence on social media is to share a weekly summary. Show your brand awareness by posting a list of the week's top stories. Or share the best photos posted by your customers or a round of new people or brands to follow.

If you are wondering why you would share other people's content instead of creating new material, know: there is an ocean of content that permeates the social network. With so much information available, readers turn to sources they can count on to share relevant and quality content on the social network.

Answer a common question

If you notice that your mentions on the social network, including questions that are asked over and over again, you will already have your next post idea. Create a post or video in which you pose a question and respond as good as possible to your audience.

The answer is valuable to your audience and saves you time by answering the question proactively. It also shows your audience and customers that you care about their needs.

The next time you feel stuck, don't panic: take advantage of this list of content ideas that work and start creating your next social media engagement post!


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