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The best food marketing ideas to use in your restaurant

Advertising is the lifeblood of the business! And in the case of food establishments, it is no different. However, we know that creativity is not everyone's gift and there comes a time when having new ideas to advertise your dishes becomes a very difficult task.

We can tell you right now that it is not necessary to have wonderful and continuous creativity to make good advertisements for your restaurant. Some several versatile themes and tactics can be used at various times and in different ways. To check what they are, stay with us!

Food marketing ideas

You don't need to think about a new post every day, much less try to suck your creativity to make super new content. What you need in marketing management for a restaurant are planning and strategy. That's what we're going to teach you now. Check it out:

Quality photographs

Have you ever heard that a picture says a thousand words? Well, in many cases this is true. Investing in beautiful photos of your restaurant and the food you serve may be your most potent marketing ploy.

The photos of the restaurant's physical environment are great for attracting get-togethers, celebrations, in addition to consolidating your space as a great place to go. Finally, the photos of the food are the main thing. I'm sure that if you've opened a restaurant, it's because you have a lot of confidence in the taste of your dishes. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that this is reflected in the photos.

Special promotions

Special promotions are, of course, the best way to attract more customers to your restaurant or bar. You can see that big companies do this all the time, like Outback, for example.

Here, the idea is to create something that is financially attractive and that has the potential to create a ritual for some clients. For example, every Thursday you can run a half-price drink promotion at happy hour. Another example would be getting 50% off your second course on a Wednesday.

Talk to your audience

A marketing idea for food is simply to start a conversation with your customers. This tactic doesn't require a lot of effort from you and is excellent for creating a closer relationship with potential customers.

A great current trend to do this is the "tell me you XXX without telling me you XXX" trend. For example, tell me you love to eat without telling me you love to eat. Encourage an acquaintance or friend to start telling stories in the comments and see the magic unfold!

Join online discount clubs

To attract customers from the internet, the solution is to integrate the chain of establishments associated with discount clubs and shopping sites. So, if your business is not yet part of the network of restaurants that offer special conditions on discount websites and apps, don't waste time and register now.

On the other hand, it is important to always pay attention to promotional periods, such as Black Friday. Where prices are reduced, boosting the flow to attract new customers. Price by watching your profit margin and increase the frequency in your business.

Attend local events and post about it

Your restaurant needs to be seen, and your food needs to be offered so that the customer can understand the cost-effectiveness of entering your establishment. That's why participation in local events that have a direct relationship with your company's target audience (the persona) is so important.

Ensure the quality of the food, taste and compatibility between the environmental conditions of the event (outdoors, duration, climate, among others) with what it will serve. Delivery time is of the essence, as at most events the attractions are plentiful and people don't want to spend a lot of time waiting to eat, unless, of course, it's a gastronomic event!

Make your establishment an attraction

In the competitive field of food, not being always well located, serving a varied menu or being an expert in some kind of cuisine is enough. People who go to places to have lunch, dinner, have fun with the crowd or even celebrate an important date, also look for experiences that make the visit memorable and special. One way to do this is to invest in your establishment's look.

Think about the profile of the people who attend and look for an appropriate topic. If the majority of your customers are young students, for example, it may be that a more relaxed and modern decor is attractive. Use your creativity and the results will surely come.

Always think big

You've heard that your business is the size of your thinking, well that's exactly what happens. When you are in an industry as competitive as food and beverage, you must always think about its growth and improvement. A great way to grow is to make several partnerships, that is, you can have several partners that will make your daily life easier and mainly increase your sales.

And when we talk about establishing and creating partnerships, there is nothing better than being able to offer facilities to your future partners. Don't forget that the greater the sales, the better the conditions for offering better prices.

If you want to come up with amazing ideas for promoting your dishes and restaurant, but don't have time to focus on them, consider hiring a service that specializes in it.

Here at Eat&Repeat Agency, we are the best in marketing management for bars and restaurants, in addition to developing several solutions for the segment. Learn more about our work and make a quote!


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