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What is Local Marketing and how you can use this strategy to increase sales

To really understand what local marketing is, we first need to understand what marketing is. This great ally of entrepreneurs is, in short, a set of strategies that seek to add value to some product or brand with the main objective of making conversions, that is, sales. Local marketing has the same principles and the same purpose, but its main focus is on reaching the local target audience.

In other words, local marketing aims to reach a more geographically select audience. You must study the consumer who is close to you and better understand how their routine works, their habits, their schedules and their tastes. This way, it will be easier to know what your customer really wants and the best way to communicate with them.

Why is local marketing so effective?

Local marketing focuses exactly on the possible end consumer, the one that surrounds your business. Thus, information such as customs, habits, economic and cultural issues of the people who live and attend the place is acquired through research, studies and observation.

With these specific data, it is much simpler to understand what the customer would like to receive as a promotional message, for example, and what he wants to find in the establishment.

How to implement Local Marketing?

Using the virtual environment, you will have more effective resources and even lower costs in your Local Marketing campaigns. Check out the 6 steps below to use this technique in your company:

1. Understand very well who your persona is

The common thread is understanding who you are talking to. Even though geographic location facilitates segmentation, the secret to Local Marketing's success is to discover important details of your potential customers to facilitate the cutting of the persona, that is, your ideal consumer.

2. Define what goal you want to achieve

Attracting qualified leads or retaining customers? There's no way to get there if you don't know where you're going. Share the goal with everyone involved, set a realistic quantitative goal to be met within a pre-determined time frame.

3. Choose the tools that will be used

When we talk about Local Marketing, it is common to think of several local actions such as events, strategies at the point of sale, among others. However, Digital Marketing has the power to leverage results with resources such as:

  • Extremely targeted ads;

  • Optimize organic posts by selecting audiences, such as on Facebook;

  • Use Google My Business;

  • Betting on SMS campaigns by geolocation

  • Invest in other Geomarketing resources.

4. Offer excellent service

The biggest differential of Local Marketing is in Client Success, and you only achieve this status by working with personalized service. It is important to show your audience that your company is attentive and concerned about offering the best to the public.

See how Local Marketing can optimize your sales? Working with an audience segmented by geographic location, it is possible to customize campaigns according to local customs and offer unique experiences. Leverage the power of Digital Marketing and boost your strategy.

5. Engage your community

As important as knowing your persona well is engaging your community. And for that, you need to know it well. Find out what the habits, customs and preferences are and communicate thinking about it.

In addition, you can still optimize your content strategy with this behaviour in mind. With this, you will be able to become a key part of the community, mixing and communicating well with it.

6. Tell your story

A powerful mental trigger to build empathy and get people to connect more with your brand is telling your story. And not just the good parts, tell your difficulties and how you overcame them, this kind of reporting is even more powerful.

Try to think of local marketing as a link between you and your community, think of it as a genuine relationship and not only seek to transmit knowledge but also to learn from the people you will have contact with.

Local SEO: an essential tool in local marketing

Among the most important actions for a company to appear in local search results, we highlight Local SEO as an essential practice.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a free tool from Google that helps businesses connect with customers based on their location. It has a series of features that help the customer to locate the company, such as displaying the company on Google Maps, inserting the company's opening hours and even phone numbers.

In addition, you can receive and respond to comments — which further streamlines direct customer communication.

Final tip: trust in specialists!

As the business grows, the responsibilities and demands also grow, causing many companies to run out of time to pay attention to marketing strategies.

So consider hiring an agency that specializes in your industry to take care of your online strategies while you take care of your business. Interested? Make an appointment with us and get to know Eat&Repeat Agency better.


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