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How to "Boost" a Post on Facebook!

What is boosting a post?

A “Boosted Post” is an ad run through Facebook using a post from your timeline to a customized audience. They are not specifically ads as they are not created in the Ads Manager.

Now that we have clarified that, you can only boost a post once it has been posted to your Facebook page not before even if it is scheduled.

So let’s jump right in:

Step1: After posting

Once the post has been posted to your page simply click on the “Boost Post” button on the bottom right of the post box. Once you have done that it will take you to the “Boost Post” page.

Step 2: The “Boost Post” page

Now this is where it can get complicated.

Down the left hand side of the page you will see various sections for you to interact with to change the effectiveness of your “Boosted Post”. Down the right side is a breakdown of the changes you make to the left.

Step 3: Setting a Goal

This is what you want to get out of running this ad.

Automatic: This lets Facebook choose the most appropriate goal for you. More often than not they get it right, after all this is what they do. But its best if you select the best option for your purposes.

Get More Messages: A little self-explanatory, but this option will enable Facebook to better target those Facebook users that are more likely to message you.

Get More Engagement: Again self-explanatory, the ad will be more targeted to people more likely to interact with posts.

Get More Leads: This is an interesting option. If you are looking for more information about people or conducting a survey this is perfect. It provides the person interacting with the ad the option to opt into filling out a form so you can gain access to more information about potential clients. Have a look at the next step for more information on the contact form.

Once your goal is selected you have set the ground for the rest of the steps.

Step 4: Contact Form

This form is in order to gain more information about your potential clients that is people that express an interest in the “Boosted Post”.

Customer Info: This is information you ask for from the potential customer: Name, Phone number, Email, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Job Title and Company Name.

Short Question: If none of the above options are what you are after then this option allows you to add your own.

Privacy Policy: You can even add in your own privacy policy. In this day and age of GDPR it is more important than ever to the consumer that you are using their information properly.

Step 5: Choosing a Button

A simple enough option but also an important one, if you are Boosting this post then chances are you want a call to action attached to it. The choice of Button you make should align with your goal for Boosting the Post.

No Button: No call to action displayed

Book Now: This button would be linked to your online booking system

Learn More: Linked to your website or another with more information about a service or product you provide.

Shop Now: Linked to your online store where a potential customer can purchase or browse your offerings.

Sign Up: This could be linked to a sign-up sheet for a newsletter or for an email list for future promotions

Send Message: Takes the clicker directly to messenger where they can talk with you directly.

Send WhatsApp Message: Takes the clicker directly to WhatsApp where they can talk with you directly.

This is an important step but can be overlooked. Choose the right button that goes with your goal and you are going to see great results.

Step 6: Creating your Audience

This is where things can get complicated in this section you are able to customize demographically (who), geographically (where) and even according to their like interests. It is important for this section to have a customer persona made up so that you can more easily input the data needed. For more information about creating a customer persona click here.

Demographically: Here we are looking at age and gender; this can be very useful to ensure your ad is going to the people.

Geographically: You can get very specific in this section, by adding in county, town, city, or even suburbs to better reach your potential customers.

Detailed Targeting: This section allows you to get very specific. Including peoples interests and behaviours on Facebook by using key phrases. If you are promoting takeaway or food delivery for your Pizza restaurant you would include terms centred around “Pizza” to capture those with interest that align with that.

After this you will be presented with a “Potential Reach” infographic, which will tell you how many people you could potentially reach and whether or not your audience is defined enough for the Facebook algorithms. Again depending on the purpose of the ad you could go very specific or very broad.

Step 7: Duration & Budget

Now we come to the bottom line, how long do you want the ad to go for and how much you are willing to pay. The more you pay the more potential customers you will reach over a longer period of time.

Duration: The duration of the ad is completely up to you, run the ad for as little as 4 days or over 100. Just be aware of the Estimated Daily results as well as the reach with the duration you have put in.

Schedule: You can even personalise the hours this ad will show to your audience on, business hours or even customise them to better reach your potential customers.

Budget: Spend as little at $10 or as much at $1,000, it all depends on how much you are willing to spend on reaching your audience. A healthy balance of around $50 for 1 week is usually very effective if you have a properly defined audience.

6. Placement

Here you can choose where your “Boosted Post” will appear to your audience. Your choices are linked to Facebook, Instagram and Messenger. The best place to boost the post is dependent on the post itself as well as the desired outcome.

Step 8: Ad Preview

Down the right hand side of the page is some of the most important information to look over before clicking that “Boost Post Now” button. Be sure the ad preview is correct for your purposes; the button you want and need as well as all the correct information in the post is present. You can even see how your ad will appear in Instagram and messenger, if you chose those options.

Estimated daily results: Will show you an estimation of the people reached as well as an estimation of your chosen buttons interactions.

Payment Summary: Here you will see your total budget and the length of the campaign.

If you are happy with everything then go ahead and click the bright blue button and Boost that post!

Well Done!

There you have it, there is a lot to consider when boosting a post but this method of advertising can be very effective for small businesses trying to reach a local client base. It is also far easier and less complicated than going through the Ads Manager.

We hope this information has been helpful, but if it all sounds like too much for you please don’t hesitate to contact us for help.

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