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User-Generated Content for REstaurants

User-Generated Content is media - photos, text, videos - that consumers spontaneously post to their social networks! Eat & Repeat knows the importance of constantly creating interesting content for customers, this is one of the daily challenges for those who are in charge of marketing a restaurant, or any other company. Therefore, receiving help from the customers themselves can be very welcome!

Encouraging customers to post content with photos, experiences and opinions about your establishment can make your brand more intimate with consumers. For this, you can use the hashtags, as we talked about in the previous text right here on the Eat & Repeat blog.

People have a habit of making decisions based on the experience of others, which is why User Generated Content can be a good tool. When seeing a restaurant full of real feedback, the customer feels much more confident and even curious, to see what it is about. It works like a more modern word of mouth marketing.

Even if you manage to produce good content that connects you with your target audience, the feeling that the customer has when seeing organic content created by another customer spontaneously creates a feeling of closeness, and especially of reliability, even though they are people unknown.

It doesn't matter if this content is posted by a digital influencer, or by a regular restaurant customer, who is very satisfied. Nowadays everyone who is online has the power to influence people, even if it is your friends, family, or those who follow your life. And this is a great opportunity.

Many people already have this habit of sharing experiences on their social networks. With User Generated Content, what you need is for these people to bring the news of your establishment to their circle of influence.

Content Marketing for Restaurants

Benefits of User Generated Content

Credibility is one of the most important pillars in the relationship between the brand and a customer, and when seeing other people, who are not being paid for it, sharing about a brand or a restaurant, instinctively generates positive stimuli. It is the mental trigger of social proof.

The generation of media by customers also helps in the financial part. Good demand for content generated by visitors causes the volume of search for the brand to rise organically. This is positive for several points, on Instagram, for example, it makes the budget of the campaigns better distributed.

Advertising with credibility and low investment cost? That's all your restaurant's digital marketing was needed, isn't it ?! We hope this tip helps you, and if you need more marketing ideas and solutions for your restaurant, count on Eat & Repeat.

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