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Secrets of social media strategy for food businesses

One of the most effective activities of digital marketing is social networking. In addition to brand promoters, they generate organic engagement, making it easier to run campaigns and build a recurring customer base.

The relentless revolution of digital marketing in recent decades is a path of no return. In the food segment, the impact is indisputable. It is increasingly important for food services to build a web presence to win customers and promoters for their brands.

And the best part of this transformation in the way to reach consumers is the use of platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Creating social media strategies for food businesses is a key element of good digital marketing strategies for restaurants.

Social media strategy for food business

Do you want to know how to use resources to improve communication between your enterprise and potential customers? In this post, we will talk about 4 macro strategies for you to use on your establishment's social networks.

Communication channels

There are several channels that you can use to communicate with your customer. It is up to the company to understand which will be most appropriate and efficient for its type of product and customer.

Evaluate the possibility of carrying out paid advertisements on social networks, which help to boost your product and reach more people at a, normally, low cost. Food and drinks deserve good photos, promotions, and approaches that generate engagements. Rate what type of post your followers like the most!

While social networks are important to relate to, WhatsApp is a great tool for direct contact with customers and for accepting orders. Delivery is the sales model that grew the most during social isolation and companies must evaluate whether they will use delivery applications or if they intend to deliver their products without outsourcing this service. Remember to assure the customer that the product will be delivered in conformity with the hygiene and security protocols.

In addition to social media for restaurant campaigns, you can also create a customer email list for disclosures or make calls. The important is to be close to your client and maintain a relationship with him, respecting the preference of each one. Understanding which means of communication your consumer prefers is an important step towards customer loyalty.

Focus on experience

Nowadays, the customer is not only looking for a good dish for dinner, but he also wants to feel special when buying from a company. Always think about the experience of the customer when buying your product. As much as purchases are made online and by delivery, it is possible to use creativity and surprise your consumer.

Thinking about experience, the company must generate feelings in customers, memories, and emotions, which are key points for good communication. Create advertisements that will interfere with people's psychological, remember that everyone is going through difficult times, how about showing empathy and how your company can improve your client's day?

Human marks

Human brands are those that approach people, with feelings, emotions, expectations, and empathy. They are in constant connection with customers, so they can better understand their audience and deliver their product or service in a real, honest, and non-mechanical way.

It is important not to focus only on the transaction of your product, but on attitudes that bring brands to people. Bringing real stories and real people can help you get closer to your audience. Always think about transparency with your customer, as this brings greater confidence to the brand.

Being a brand that cares about its customers and having empathy is extremely necessary. Customers need to see that brands are thinking about them, and how they can help them in this delicate moment.


Think about the importance of innovation for your company and how you can innovate to be in the minds of customers. This innovation can be done in several areas of the company, such as product, production process, product appearance, and customer service.

A relationship is something your company should always work on, both with the customer and with your brand drivers. The drivers are those who will help to promote your brand, the so-called digital influencers. Partnering with people who have a big influence on the internet can help your company to be known in a market niche.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that marketing should always be seen as an investment. Creating content makes the company reach more customers and increase its relationship network, which in the current scenario, is more necessary than ever. Don't let your customer walk away from you, and he will remember your establishment when it comes to purchasing that special food or drink you offer.


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